Rule Addendum: World Product Heads

SBC Engine

  August 6 2013 After reviewing dyno numbers and track performance,  the GM built motor with World Product heads will weigh the same as a GM built motor with GM heads Weight Total 3050 Right Side 1350 This rule will be in effect immediately   Kerry Bodenhamer

Rule Addendum: New Hoosier Tire Compound


Effective for the June 14 race at Anderson Motor Speedway, the UARA-STARS has changed the official series tire to the Hoosier F-40 compound as available from MTP Tire and Racing Center in Hickory, NC. The F-40 is very comparable to the F-45, however due to availability the decision was made to change to a tire […]

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Rule Addendum: May 10th (Multiple Areas)


Effective May 10th, the following addendums, revisions and additions are made to the 2013 UARA-STARS Rulebook. For questions, please contact Kerry Bodenhamer at (828) 692-3833 or All rules changes have been underlined. Some minor grammatical revisions may have been made and are not noted.

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Rule Addendum: World Products Cylinder Head


The steel World Products head #01115 approved by NASCAR will be permitted in the UARA effective May 1, 2013. The car weight for this head at this time will be 3100lbs total and 1400lbs minimum right-side. (This may be adjusted at a later date.) The head must remain stock as manufactured from World Products.